solo exhibitiions
1982 Heian Gallery, Kyoto
1983 Heian Gallery, Kyoto
1984 Art Space Niji, Kyoto
1985 gBotanical Figuration: Paintings and Drawingsh, Art Space Niji, Kyoto
1986 gBotanical Figuration: Paintings, Prints and Drawings@hGallery Haku, Osaka
gBotanical Figuration: Paintings and Drawingsh, Gallery CASA, Kyoto
Gallery Space to Space, Nagoya
gFor the Sounds of a  Windy Dayh, Art Space Niji, Kyoto
Amaury St-Gilles Gallery, Tokyo
1987 gFor the Sounds of a windy dayh, Galerie Arche, Tokyo
gFor the Windy Dayh, Gallery Haku, Osaka
1988. gFor the Windy Dayh, Gallery Coco, Kyoto
gFor the Windy Dayh, Societa Artisti MA, Osaka
1989 gFor the Windy Dayh, Galerie humanite Tokyo
gFor the Windy Dayh, Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo
gFor the Windy Dayh, Fukunishi Fine Art, Ehime
1990 gFor the Windy Dayh, Kodama Gallery, Osaka
h For the Windy Dayh, Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago
1991 Gallery Manin, Tokyo
gGenealogy of the Windh, Galerie humanite, Tokyo
gFor the Windy Dayh, Nomart Editions Exhibit Space, Osaka
1992 gGenealogy of the Windh, Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago
gFor the Windy Dayh, Izumi Gallery, Fukui
gMASAHITO KATAYAMA Works on Paperh, Nomart Editions Exhibit Space,Osaka
gGenealogy of the Windh, Galerie humanite, Nagoya
gFor the Windy Dayh, Hiro Chikashige Gallery, Okayama
MOMA Contemporary, Fukuoka
1993 Kodama Gallery, Osaka
gWorks on Paperh, YohArtGallery, Osaka
Shin-Sakuramachi Gallery, Toyama
1994 gGenealogy of the Windh, Hosomi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo
gGenealogy of the Windh, Galerie humanite, Tokyo
gGenealogy of  the Wind  '94h, Gallery Maronie, Kyoto
1995 Kodama Gallery, Osaka
1998 Tor Road Gallery, Kobe
Gallery Shirakawa, Kyoto
2000 gMembraneh, Gallery Shirakawa, Kyoto
2003 gFor the Windy Day / Genealogy of the wind : Paintings from late 80fs to early 90fsh, Toyota Building Gallery, Fukuoka
2004 "Artist in Fukuoka vol. 5  KATAYAMA Masahito  Membrane2004- Into theForest of Perception", FukuokaArt Museum, Fukuoka
2005 "Membrane 2005", Studio603 Fukuoka
2006 From the series"The wind", Fukuoka Art Museum, Toyota Callery Fukuoka
2007 "Membrane-Lights of One Thousand" ,nomart project space, cube&loft,Osaka
2008 "Membrane-Sunflower" APS gallery, Tokyo
2010  "Spiral/View"Gallery Nomart, Osaka
   "View/Ratina"2kw Gallery, Osaka
   "Spiral/View" Gallery Shirakawa, Kyoto
group exhibitions
1987 gArt Now '87h, The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe
g Hara Annual VIIh, HaraMuseum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
gYes Art Deluxeh, Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo [traveled Osaka]
gInternational Exchange Exhibition of Prints, Seoul.h, FineArtCenter, Seoul
gExperimenting Prints: In Case of Japanh, WakerHillArtCenter, Seoul
1988 gArt Now '88h, The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe
gUnconventional Creationsh, Giustino Gallery, New York
gPaintings Now-OSAKAf88h, OsakaContemporaryArtCenter,Osaka
gNew Japanese-Style Painting: Possibility of Nihonga Pigmentsh, Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum
1989 gJapanese Contemporary Art in the 80fs: Prologue to the 90fsh, Heineken Village,Tokyo.
gSelected Artists who Shoulder Next  Ageh, KyotoPrefecturalArtCenter
gFrom Print to Print/ Intersection of Printing -Kyoto 1989 -h, KyotoMunicipalMuseum of Art
1990 g2 persons show: Katayama Masahito , Yoon Hee Changh, Hosomi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo.
gArt Now: 80fs in Kansaih,The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe.
gThe 8th Osaka Contemporary Art Fair '90h,Osaka ContemporaryArtCenter
1991 gDrawing '91h, Galerie humanite,Tokyo
gCompound of the Manierah, MachidaCityMuseum of Graphic Arts,Tokyo
gColorfs Face: Blackh, La Pinacoteca Taki, Osaka
gDrawings: USA Japan China 1991h, Cork Gallery, New York. [ traveled Tront and Tokyo]
gSelected Artists who Shoulder Next  Age 2 h, KyotoPrefecturalArtCenter
1992 "Chicago International Art Expositionh, Donnelley International Hall, Chicago
gTAMA VIVANT e92: Glamourous/ Letters to Walls, Letters from Wallsh, Shibuya Seibu Department store Seed Hall, Tokyo
1993 gGiappone anni novanta: Proposte di 13 Artistih, Museo del Folklore, Rome[traveled Dusseldorf, Germany].
gArte domani 1993 punti di vistah, Ex-ospedale San Matteo degli Infermi,Spoleto, Italy
gSelected Artists who Shoulder Next Age  3h, KyotoPrefecturalArtCenter
1994 gThe Vision of Contemporary Art '94: h, The UenoRoyalMuseum, Tokyo
gATC Contemporary Art Lab '94h, ATCArtGallery, Osaka
gDirection of Painting '94h, OsakaContemporaryArtCenter
gThe Facet of Japanese Contemporary Arth, HyundaiArtGallery, Seoul
1995 gExpressions by 13 Artistsh,The Museum of Kyoto
gThe Vision of Contemporary Art '95h, The UenoRoyal Museum, Tokyo
1996 gAn Exhibition of 50 Contemporary Japanese Artistsh, NavioMuseum of Art, Osaka
g '96 Exhibition of Selected Cutting Edgeh, KyotoMunicipalMuseum of Art
gTRANSVANGARDh, October Gallery, London
2000 gArt Project DEJIMA2000: Contemporary Art Exhibition on the Occasion of the 400 Years between Japan and Netherlandsh, O Museum, Tokyo
2001  gA Gift of Remembrance; View/ Soundh, Mitsubishi-Jisho ARTIUM Gallery,Fukuoka [traveled Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama]
2002 gRuhun Gidasi 2002h, ModernArtsCenter, Ankara,Turkey [traveled Izmir and Istanbul and Dermendere,Turkey]
2003 gVision of East and Westh, MatsuzakayaArtGallery, Nagoya. [traveledWakayama, Hyogo, Yamanashi and Tokyo]
2004 gYELLOWhMeguro Museum of Art,Tokyo
2005 gVision of East and Westh, Mitsukoshi ArtMuseum, Tokyo. [traveledWakayama, Hirosima, Yamanashi and Aomori]
gCONVERGENCEh Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Art, Ho Chi Minh City
gCurrent of the Contemporary Printsh, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo [traveled Matsumoto city museum of Art, Nagano]
CITY@NET@ASIA2005, Seoul City Museum of Art, Seoul
Water Scape, Nomart Edition Cube & Loft, Osaka
2006 The Art of Passart-ism, Marunouchi Building, Plaza, Oazo, Tokyo
2007 Domani2007, Seiji Togo Memorial Sonpo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo
The 3rd Changdu Biennale, Changdu Contemporary Art Museum, Changdu
Public Collections
HaraMuseumof Contemporary Art, Tokyo
WacorArtCenter, Tokyo
Instituto De Artes Graficas de Oaxaca (Francisco Toledo),Mexico
Indianapolice Museum of Art, U.S.A.
WakerHillArtCenter, Seoul, Korea
Deutsche Bank Frankfurt Branch, Germany
Dermendere@City Museum, Turkey
Machida City Museum of Grafic Art, Tokyo
FukuokaArt Museum, Fukuoka
Changdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China